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Oct 25

Tenet EC is a brand-new condominium that is located in the condominium district on Tampines Street 62. It includes the Tampines apartment as well as the Trilliant and Citylife buildings. The well-known builder is constantly seeking for new ways to build homes that are both efficient and in tune with local residents' demands. Due to its distinctive approach to design, Qingjian Realty lead the industry in 2013 among other years.

The original CoSpaceTM Concept's introduction made it possible. With the launch of Visionaire, Qingjian Realty is setting the groundwork for a more robust and sustainable expansion in Singapore. The goal while building the Visionaire Executive Home was to make it one of the most opulent Executive homes available. The initial concepts for Visionaire were unveiled in 2013.

The Trilliant and Citylife are the first two condos in Tampines, and the newly built Tenet EC at Tampines St. 62 is conveniently located within the condo belt. 

In conjunction with the Tampines North station of Cross Island Line coming online in 2030, and the upcoming Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) people in Tenet EC will enjoy great connectivity.

The location is close the Tampines North Station and future Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) that will provide an unparalleled level of convenience and connectivity throughout the island. Your business requirements are addressed at Changi Business Park, Singapore Expo Convention Centre as well as the well-established Tampines Regional Centre. Your child's education is protected at nearby schools that are eputable, such as Poi Ching elementary school Gongshang elementary school and Elias elementary school.

A redevelopment to Tampines Town, Tampines North will provide a more holistic setting where residents can be able to work, live, learn and play. Residents can anticipate many amenities and activities in Tampines North, the soon-to-be Tampines North Hub, including the opening of a new mall, plaza square with a green arcade, and a bus interchange.

Modern buildings and facilities with stunning natural water and terrain, provide a stunning backdrop to an area you can consider your home.

The Tampines St 62 site drew 9 bids. The winner was QJ-OS (Qingjian and Qingjian and Octava) as well as Santarli Realty putting down $422million (approx. $659psf ppr). Tenet EC sits an area of the size of 256,172 square feet (sq feet) and has an average plot with a ratio of 2.5.

North Tampines Town is an area which is well-maintained and safe. Residents can discover and develop in their homes with their loved ones and families. Residents can avail a wide range of services and amenities at Tampines North Hub. Tampines North Hub is set to be transformed into a hub in the coming months. Tampines North Hub is an energetic and lively city featuring arcades, malls, and other facilities that are 100% Green.

The brand-new Tampines North station of the Cross Island Line to open in 2030. It will play the capacity of one of the hubs that could be used to transport (ITH Hub) residents of Tenet EC will benefit from the advantages of having internet connectivity as well as. Tenet is a perfect location for families who want to find the right equilibrium between family and work. The brand new EC is located in Tampines Sreet, a area of 18that is part of Tampines Sreet.

The estimated breakeven price for the new condo will be in the $1,000 to $1,100 per square foot range. Tenet EC launch prices could vary from around $1,200 to around $1,300.