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Why Upvc is better than other materials for doors and windows

Jun 4

There are many options when it comes to doors and windows. However, some materials are very popular and are often used in.Upvc materials have been a popular choice for Woods and Doors in the past two years. The question is, however, why upvc was so popular. We all know that people switch to upvc when they discover any problems with their current products. The price is another reason people abandon old materials. Let's find out why.

Aluminium as a material

Aluminum is a great material for making doors and windows. However, it takes a lot of energy to produce any product from it. If we are talking about windows, it requires as much energy as 20 people can produce in 20 years. Aluminum is also a metal which has sour reactions with the environment. Aluminum oxidizes quickly with oxygen, so it needs to be maintained. It is also difficult to mold these materials to create a design. Aluminum's light weight is another reason to avoid it. It is not recommended for use in doors or windows. Its products do not provide security.

Iron is a material

Iron is a good material for outdoor security doors. However, iron is difficult to adjust to size and design.

Wood as a Material

Wood is the most popular material used indoors for doors and windows. Wood can be easily molded into any design that is compatible with its natural characteristics. Wood is difficult to maintain as bacteria can react with it. Also, wood easily changes shape which can be an issue. Deforestation is another important factor to consider. Wood is known to have come from trees that can cause enormous environmental damage.

Material: Upvc

Upvc materials are used most often in homes and offices. We are familiar with the terms used to describe upvc windows. It is made of Unplasticised Poly Vinyl chloride, which is a type if plastic. It is the most widely used type of material because it is eco-friendly, durable and does not change shape with the climate. Also, it is lightweight and easy to transport and assemble. Upvc products also have the advantage of being easy to maintain once they are installed. It is also useful in various climates. In winter, it does not let air through it and keeps the room warm. In summer, it doesn’t let sunlight in through it. This keeps the room cooler. Upvc is more stable than other materials because it resists wind and doesn't get rattled. It doesn't get rattled.

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