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7 Signs Your Commercial Automatic Gate Needs To Be Repaired

Feb 14


Automatic gates are a worthwhile investment for commercial and industrial property owners who want to secure their assets and employees. These gates are a way to provide security and control and also a means to manage access to your facility. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of styles materials sizes, finishes, and sizes to suit your particular needs and budget.

In order for commercial gates to be safe and efficient, they need to be maintained in good shape. These are signs that your gate for commercial use may require regular inspection by professionals.


1. It makes unusual noises

Although automatic gates may not be silent when in motion but it's vital to note when yours begins to operate at a higher volume than usual or makes grinding or squealing noises. In some instances, the strange noises could be caused by a lack of lubricant, or an obstruction in the opening mechanism. If the sound continues to persist after the gate has been greased and cleaned, it is likely that one or more old components need to be replaced.

2. It gets jerked or stuck Halfway

Your gate's automatic system may not fully close If it's not closing as it should. A buildup of dirt or debris along the tracks could also cause an interruption to gate operation. Maintaining your gate regularly is vital. Furthermore keeping track, rollers, and hinges free of dust will help protect these components from wear and tear, which can cause the gate to malfunction. If your gate's tracks are worn out and the hinges are damaged, they'll have to be replaced.


3. It Doesn't Stay Closed

Commercial gates that aren't latching or lock pose a major security danger. If your gate is able to open on its own there's a chance that the latching mechanism may be damaged. This could also indicate an alignment problem or electrical issue. If there's something impeding the process or the sensors malfunction, a gate could remain open. If the gate locks but isn't locked, it's possible the magnetic lock isn't receiving the required power.


4. It is sagging or appears to be misaligned.

Sagging is among the most common structural problems with swing and slide gates. It could be because of sinking or crooked posts. Also, you may be using a gate that is not properly sized operator or the hardware might be loose or damaged. If you own a double gate, worn-out hinges can cause the two sides not to be aligned, making it impossible for the gate to latch.


5. It looks worn or rusty

As well as reducing the aesthetic value of your property, damage from cracks and scratches on a commercial gate can lead to rusting and compromise its strength over time. An annual inspection of your gate for signs of corrosion, vandalism, or any other damage is recommended. You can often sand and paint areas of an anti-rust primer. Professionals must replace or repair critical components like hinges, for instance, if they're damaged or broken. WeFix It is a professional garage door business that can handle all types of garage doors.


6. Obstructions are not an option

Automated gates are usually equipped with sensors that can stop or reverse a gate's movement when something is in the gate's way. This is an important security feature since commercial gates tend to be bulky and may close quickly. To ensure that there are no accidents WeFix It, in the event that your gate is moving even though there's an obstruction blocking the path, make sure that you check it by an expert immediately.


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